Our Approach

We believe that the public must be informed about the deplorable state of the federal judiciary.  It is only by pulling back the curtain of secrecy which surrounds federal court proceedings, that the public can truly grasp just how badly the Constitution is violated, how federal criminal laws are broken, by those entrusted to dispense justice in this country.

Our Story

Each and every fact and case cited in this website is absolutely true!  That's why we have cited case names and numbers, and even the exact item number in the docket of those cases.  It has taken fifteen years to amass these facts, and this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Meet the Team

Our team consists of citizens of the United States who have been victimized by criminals posing as judges and attorneys.

Next Steps...

Call your United States Senator and Congressman and demand that Congress pass legislation with term limits for the federal judiciary and a mandatory Freedom of Information Act which applies to the judiciary. At this time, judges, the "KINGS" have lifetime appointments.  The United States Constitution says nothing about lifetime appointments and this unparalleled practice leads to unchecked incompetence and corrupt power.